Why choose Mallakhmab

There is evidence of the physical activity and sport form Mallakhamb being practiced since 1131 AD in the Indian subcontinent. References found the the Indian text Manasolhas this recreational sport has been referred to as Mallasthamba.

Mallakhmab can be viewed as an amalgamation of various yoga asana postures, gymnastic elements, human circus skills and martial arts which all enable this sport to contribute greatly to one’s physical fitness and mental resilience. Mallakhamb yields the entire body maximum exercise in the minimum amount of time where each organ of the body is being used from the fingers in the hand to the toes. The practice of Mallakhamb incorporates anti-gravity fundamentals, laws of motion, and other vectors like force, balance, bounce, spring etc. and it demonstrates fundamental principals from High Intensity Training o High Intensity Interval Training. Some of other sectors like Police Traiing, Marines Training, Gymnastics, Yoga, Acro Yoga, Martial Art, Arial Art, Cheer Leading and Circus Schools also adopted Mallakhamb sport in their activities earlier

Competitive Sports

Mallakhamb has tremendous potential as a Competitive Sports, target 2018 for national championships

Improve Gymnasts ability

Practicing Straddle on Pole will enhance ability of Gymnast to perform on Balance Beam

Fitness, Exercise and Yoga

New routines remain fit and burn calories using maximum muscles in minimum period of time. One hand peacock on pole introduces Yoga at altitudes, while on Rope tying rope around body


If properly practiced, Mallakhamb yields maximum exercises to maximum muscles in minimum period of time. Current competitive sports can be advantaged because of Mallakhamb fitness and exercises

Mallakhamb is a blend of Yoga, Gymnastics, and Martial Arts, which makes body light, strong, and boosts energy.

The manner in which the body is turned, twisted and balanced on the mallakhamb keeps the spectators spellbound. Playing on the mallakhamb helps to develop ones speed, reflexes, concentration and co-ordination.

In Athletics, Mallakhamb increases the endurance, strength and stamina of the athlete needed for athletic events.